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We are Bichon Owners, Bichon Lovers, Bichon Addicts, Bichon Experts, Bichon Trainers, Bichon Behaviouralists, Bichon Walkers and Vets. We aspire to be your complete Bichon networking, one-stop shop for all of your questions and needs.


“We” includes ‘YOU’. Our webpage relies upon your comments, following, purchases, products, services, advertisements, photographs, videos and advice. We are a public forum, we are NOT a business. ¬†Our webpage is made up of information from Bichon forums, websites, popular pages and acknowledged governing bodies as well as Bichon owners who donate their time and effort to put together posts, articles and information.

We obtain permission from the owners of the information and photographs we use and post but at times we may overlook permission rights. In this instance, please contact us and we will remove the information or credit you, your website or business on our webpage.

We take NO responsibility for any advice or information given on our website as the information comes from both professionals and non-professionals and we endorse freedom of speech. We encourage people to give opinion because what works for one person and pooch may not neccessarily work for the next.

We will not however condone rude comments, bullying, aggressiveness or any fraudulent, illegal or offensive posts. These will be removed immediatley.

Lastly we rely on you to make our website thrive! We need you to share our website, post on your forums and pages, sell your items on our site and tell all your friends and family about our blog.

Thank you for supporting us and for helping to make this website one of the biggest and best on the world wide web!






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