Bichon Crosby Liverpool Meet March 26th 2017 (Mother’s Day)

What we believed would be a very small turn-out given that it was Mothers Day, turned out to be a fabulous event! We had over 25 walkers with a total of 33 dogs in attendance!

This was our first walks at the new venue, The Lakeside in Crosby. The lakeside is a council run venue which ordinarily, does not promote dog friendly facilities. However after an extremely successful trial, we are now holding the socials at this venue on a regular basis and they have very kindly offered to allow us use of the Bistro, Balcony and Private Studio for our ongoing events. I have to say the food (and wine!) is fabulous and I would highly recommend staying for lunch!

We were also extremely privileged to have two wonderful representatives from Many Tears Rescue that came all the way from Wales with their rescue Bichons to attend our event. We got to meet the lovely Pattie who is currently looking for her forever home. Many Tears will be joining us on our next walk at the end of April. If you are interested in fostering, adopting or becoming a volunteer then please do come along and meet them next month.

Thank you to everyone who attended and for joining us on Mother’s Day, we look forward to seeing you next month!

Bichon Buddies

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