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How Much Does a Bichon Frise Cost?

The Bichon Frise is a small dog that is often compared to, and even confused with, the maltese.  This breed of dog is known to be sensitive, affectionate, and playful.  The Bichon Frise is used to having human accompaniment the majority of the time and demands a lot of attention.  Because they are mainly bred as companion dogs, they are known to get along very well with children and other animals.

How much is it?

  • The Bichon Frise is often sold as a puppy and can be sold by different breeders across the country.  The cost of a Bichon Frise will depend on the age, quality, breeder and the inclusions.  On average, these dogs can cost anywhere from $400 to as much $1,500 for a purebred.
  • NextDayPets.comhas Bichon Frise puppies posted on the site from various owners from across the world.  On this website, these dogs are sold for anywhere from $195 to $1,500.  The age of the dogs sold on this site can range from 4 to 10 weeks old and can be either male or female.
  • A site that is dedicated with selling Bichon Frise exclusively  The Bichons that they sell have registration through the AKC, a written health guarantee contract, up-to-date vaccinations as well as a de-worming treatment.  The price for the Bichon Frise sold through this website can range from $700 to $1,250 depending on the type of registration, which can be limited or full.

What is going to be included?

  • The seller of the dog can offer it at varying conditions and the inclusions can be different.  Since puppies need appropriate medicines and vaccinations, the breeder should provide the purchaser with the appropriate medicines for the dog.  Reputable breeders will include all the necessary health records to show what shots have been administered.
  • There are some owners that would already have the puppies registered, and they may even have a license for it so you do not have to spend money on registration fees.  The downside is that you will not be able to provide the name that you want the dog to have.

What are the extra costs?

  • Additional costs involved when owning a dog can be the medical care that you need to provide for the dog.  It will need to have a scheduled visit to a veterinarian to check its condition and to prevent it from acquiring any disease.  Vets recommend that you bring your dog in for a checkup at least once a year.
  • If the dogs are not registered yet, you can visit your county office to have them registered.  Registering them may cost at least $10, but you will be able to provide a name for the dog.
  • If you are going to have the dog shipped through an airline, this can cost anywhere from $150 to as much as $350.  The price will all depend upon the distance of the flight and the airline you use.

Tips to know:

  • A Bichon Frise is a breed of dog that is perfect for children.  They are warm and affectionate and very quiet.  They will do well for apartment dwellers as well as families that have children.
  • Taking care of a dog is a big responsibility that you should take seriously.  Make sure that you have enough time and resources before buying a dog since it would have needs that should be provided.

How can I save money?

  • If you are unable to afford a dog, you can try adopting one.  There are different organizations that offer many different breeds of dog for adoption, along with other types animals.  You can consider visiting one of these organizations so you can get a dog at a minimum price, perhaps even free.
  • Several owners are open to negotiation when it comes to pricing their dogs.  You can ask if they can lower the price.  Try to look around first for the lowest finds that you may chance upon and then contact the owner to negotiate.
  • Try to buy from a breeder in your area so you will not have to worry about shipping fees.

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