Thank you for helping us to help our furball friends at Bichon Buddies – Every little counts!





It costs £500.00/Annum to keep Bichon Buddies in operation. This fee is for the server (emails), hosting & maintenance on the website and also the Event management plug-in. Without vital donations we would be unable to keep Bichon Buddies Live. It costs £500.00/Annum to update our website through a third party designer who offer this for us at a reduced rate and only charges us cost. Without rasing this money every year, our website would get messy, information would become outdated and old, the site would be hard to navigate and vital beta/meta tags and functionality from plug-ins would become outdated.


We support numerous charities – Bichon Rescue UK, Freshfeild Animal Rescue Centre and Owners in Need, Many Tears Rescue, Animal Aid and many more. The charities we support will be advertised through our individual events on our site.

If we receive any surplus of monies/fees, all proceeds will go to the chairty which we are endorsing through our events. However, if you or anyone you know is struggling to pay for vet bills or for ongoing Bichon medication then please contact us on and We may be able to help.

We support Freshfield Animal rescue who rely solely on donations by providing jumpers, bedding and blankets for their bichon rescues.

We Support Many Tears, Bichon Rescue UK and many other regional Bichon rescues by assisting them FOC to help rehome, foster and rehabilitate Bichons in need through free advertising and promotion.


At the moment we are running regional events but we would like to be able to fund a national Bichon event in the future. We are looking for volunteers to assist us with ideas to make this vision happen. If you can assist us with your time, please get in touch with us at

Thank you for giving back – we could not do it without you!



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